[Samba] More on bind_dlz - documentation I have not found

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny241155 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 12:55:30 UTC 2015

On 28/08/15 13:15, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> In the shower this morning, I realized that samba's dlz is through its 
> ldap interface, probably through dhcp.  :)
> All of that work researching how to set up a dlz database for naught.  
> This is NOT documented in either:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/DNS
> or
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Configure_BIND_as_backend_for_Samba_AD

I will discuss this with Marc and if he agrees, I will update the wiki 
somewhere, I don't want to start altering the wiki because Marc is 
already massively altering it.

> I have not yet checked any ldap documentation on the wiki to see what 
> it says, but I suspect a dhcp lease results in an ldap update. Would a 
> lease expire remove that ldap info?
> So no sql service needed on the DC.
> Question though, on statically addressed file servers:  How to get 
> them into the dlz zone.
> My tld is:                        htt
> My samba dns zone is:  home.htt
> I will have a master zone for htt, easy enough to setup as a flat zone 
> file.  Did it before.
> The home.htt zone only seems to exist in ldap and bind_dlz provides 
> lookup answers by querying ldap.  How is the AD DC handled, 
> homebase.home.htt?  I do not see it in the 
> /usr/share/samba/setup/named* files.  Is it already in the ldap 
> repository?

When you provision the domain zones are created for you in AD, have a 
look in /var/lib/private/sam.ldb.d
> How do I add my file server, nevia.home.htt?  I could always add it to 
> the htt.zone file as:

Samba has a swiss army type tool (i.e. it does a lot) 'samba-tool'
If you run 'samba-tool --help' you will see the base of what it can do.
if you run 'samba-tool dns --help' this will show what you can do with 
dns records, I hope you get the idea.

> nevia.home    IN    A    ......
> Can I put cname entries into ldap:
> repo.home.htt    IN    CNAME    nevia.home.htt.
> Again, I COULD just put this into the htt.zone file.
> Then there are MX records for home.htt  :)

You do not use bind flatfiles with dlz, have a look at the scripts I 
pointed you at for a sample bind file.


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