[Samba] Samba Internal DNS vs. BIND_DLZ

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny241155 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 21:02:07 UTC 2015

On 27/08/15 21:41, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> Am 27.08.2015 um 22:23 schrieb Robert Moskowitz:
>>> What's wrong with that?
>> It says:
>> include "/usr/local/samba/private/named.conf";
>> This file does not exist on my sernet 4.2 installation.
>> In fact, I do not have a /usr/local/samba directory.
> Sorry, but we really can't describe all file locations for every distro
> or package out there. It would end up in a totally mess. I'm already
> unhappy that there are so many distro exceptions on each page meanwhile,
> but I will clean that up, somewhen.

Hi Marc, I am guilty of this as much as anyone, but there is nowhere 
else to put this info. It would probably be better to have a page that 
lays out what computer name, domain and ipaddress etc the wiki uses. It 
should also stress that the wiki is based around a self compiled system 
as this is the way that Samba is actually distributed and that the users 
paths will be different if they use distro or Sernet packages.

Something needs to be done, one confused user is one user too many.


> We try to keep most things general with the default pathes when you
> compile it yourself.
> I'm sure, you will find out easily where the file is located via 'find'
> or having a look into the package file.
> Regards,
> Marc

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