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Thu Aug 27 14:53:21 UTC 2015


Reindl Harald 

Your having a bad day and you are bond and determined to force one of
your opinions on somebody . . . now it's top posting . . . and you
didn't even say "please" this time. 

Do us all a favor, those of us who want reverent content . . . go away
until you get over your temper tantrum. 

Your comment . . . much like mine . . . is off subject. 




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On 2015-08-27 09:36, Reindl Harald wrote: 

> Am 27.08.2015 um 16:28 schrieb Mark Foley:
>> (btw - I know this is probably a function of your mail client, but is there any way you can post your replies at the top instead of the bottom of the message? Sometimes it a long way to scroll down!)
> NO top-posting is *not* welcome on mailing lists, it's just the point to strip not for the reply relevant quotes and in case of a sane thread you destroy the flow by throw a top-posting in the middle

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