[Samba] Samba AD firewalld services

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Thu Aug 27 04:20:01 UTC 2015

Now with firewalld, opening up ports is now 'better' done by opening 
services.  So what do I need, for starters it seems:

dns, dhcp, dhcpv6, samba, kerberos

Here is the list of services:

RH-Satellite-6 amanda-client bacula bacula-client dhcp dhcpv6 
dhcpv6-client dns
ftp high-availability http https imaps ipp ipp-client ipsec kerberos 
kpasswd ldap
ldaps libvirt libvirt-tls mdns mountd ms-wbt mysql nfs ntp openvpn pmcd 
pmwebapi pmwebapis pop3s postgresql proxy-dhcp radius rpc-bind samba 
smtp ssh telnet tftp tftp-client transmission-client vnc-server wbem-https

I will only be running one AD, but a number of file servers (which in 
Samba4 are really DCs without some services?) .


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