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Rowland Penny rowlandpenny241155 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 07:10:07 UTC 2015

On 23/08/15 22:02, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> thanks for the reply.
> On 08/23/2015 01:26 PM, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 23/08/15 17:10, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>> After years of delays and side trips, I really am going to dive in 
>>> and build my own Samba server.  And I have a few questions.
>>> All of my servers will be ARM.  The main hardware will be 
>>> Cubieboards (2 and truck).  They will be running Centos-7 once the 
>>> development is finished.  For now I am using Fedora 22 arm. My 
>>> backup file server will be a pogoplug (armv5) with Redsleeve 7.1.
>>> My current environment is ClearOS with a handful of XP systems with 
>>> roaming profiles.  Of course this is an Intel server.
>>> So on to some questions...
>>> I am reading an old how to I pulled a year?  ago:
>>> WIP_Beginner HowTo - SOHO business server - SambaWiki.html
>>> And it says IPv6 not supported.  Well time has flown, and I really 
>>> want IPv6 support.  Can I ignore the turning off of IPv6 as 
>>> instructed?  Oh, samba versions in the repos are:
>>> Fedora 22 arm:                     4.2.2-1
>>> Redsleeve 7.1:                      4.1.12-23
>>> Centos 7.1 arm pre-alpha:    4.1.12-21
>>> So since I don't want to run a Fedora samba server for production, I 
>>> should stay with 4.1 functionality.
>>> With the cost of Cubieboards, I will have one for the domain 
>>> controller and at least one for files (plus the pogoplug for backup 
>>> server).
>>> So on with the meat of things.
>>> I can use tools on the Fedora 22 build to do an initial build and 
>>> then copy them to the Centos/Redsleeve builds (which will not have a 
>>> GUI desktop).  With Fedora I am using Xfce (this IS arm afterall).
>>> Is there a more recent set of instructions with such things as IPv6 
>>> support?
>>> Should I go with the rpm distributions or sernet?  Will sernet build 
>>> on armv7 and armv5?
>> You could have a problem here, I don't know if you have noticed, but 
>> there are no distro packages for RHEL (and clones) for a samba4 DC,
> How would I know that?  I see the samba rpm, but how would I have 
> known that it does not have DC support?

Good question, all I can find on the Samba wiki is this:

Install binary distribution packages. Make sure, that you use a recent 
Samba installation with Active Directory Domain Controller capabilities!

Not very informative, I will update it.

>> never mind ARM. There is a reason for this, Samba use Heimdal 
>> kerberos and RHEL uses MIT, you probably can build samba 4 yourself 
>> but I don't think you can get the exact sources to build the Sernet 
>> packages.
> Now that you remind me, I DO remember this from past threads  :(
> I will have to ask on the Centos-arm list about a sernet build.

I don't think there is a Sernet ARM build, perhaps Volker would care to 
confirm this.

>> I know nothing about the  Cubieboard but I presume it is somewhat 
>> similar to the rpi and I do know you can run a samba4 DC on that, but 
>> all the howtos seem to want you to use raspbian, a debian offshoot, 
>> are you totally fixed on using fedora?
> rpi2.  That is the rpi is an armv5 and the rpi2 is an armv7.  I won't 
> get into all that is going on in building standard images forarmv7 
> boards.  Other than so far, the rpi people still do remixes.  Others 
> are working on close integration with the linux development.
> I have been in Centos/fedora since they both began.  I have no 
> experience with any other distro.  Kind of late in my life to add 
> another distor to my skill set.

Never to late :-) but what I was trying to get at was, there are ARM 
distros out there being used for what you are trying to do.

> I can probably just not do an AD with Kerberos and stay with my 
> current NT domain style.  This is after all a SOHO setup.
>>> My domain is htt-consult.com, and it is really no problem to create 
>>> a subdomain of home.htt-consult.com.  But I would really like to run 
>>> my domain as home.htt as I do with ClearOS right now and I did some 
>>> time back with Amahi.  Other than setting up the TLD of .htt (which 
>>> I have done), is there anything of note?
>> It is recommended that your TLD is not resolvable from the internet, 
>> after that it is up to you, with just one caveat, don't use a .local 
>> domain.
> That at least I know.  No .local domain...
>>> What is the opinion on BIND/DHCPD vs DNSMASQ?  I have lots of 
>>> experience with BIND and can get around DHCPD.  For DNSMASQ, I would 
>>> have to copy something else (like the conf from my current server).
>> The best thing you could do with DNSMASQ is 'yum remove dnsmasq' if 
>> it is installed. Samba4 running as a DC comes with its own DNS 
>> server, you can use this or Bind9. If you want to use DHCP, then I 
>> would recommend using Bind, they work very well together, provided 
>> they are set up correctly.
> Interesting in that ClearOS (and Amahi) are both running dnsmasq 
> (Amahi started with bind and then switched).  I would rather stay with 
> BIND as I have been running it since '96.

They may be, but why? there is the DNS facility built into a samba4 DC 
and you can use Bind with this and if you so wish, you can add DHCP. 
What this means is, your DNS records end up in AD where AD expects to 
find them.

> Will be back with some more questions.



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