[Samba] is winbind/nmbd required for pure mac os x clients ?

samba samba at aio.li
Sun Aug 23 19:07:16 UTC 2015

Hi all,

we have mac os x (10.10 mostly) clients that are binded to an open 
directory server (mainly an openldap with a password server). We want to 
share folder on samba through Kerberos. It does work but we have some 
strange behavior with secondary groups and with permissions in general. 
Before entering into detailed questions about "fine tunning", I'd like 
to be sure of the direction we've taken in the configuration.

Our setup is debian samba server, opendirectory on mac and mac clients 
purely with security=ads. Currently we are only launching smbd but we 
wonder whether we also need to configure (and launch) winbindd and nmbd?

Many thanks for your answers

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