[Samba] Make Samba4 ignore domain prefix on share logon

Jakub VeselĂ˝ happy at gjh.sk
Sat Aug 15 05:24:31 UTC 2015


at my work we are migrating from samba 3.6.24 on gentoo +  openLDAP to
Windows Server 2012 AD DC + Samba 4.1.6 Ubuntu Member server for file
sharing. Our old configuration ignores domain prefixes when logging on to
shares i.e. I just need to type user instead of SAMDOM\user when accessing
share from windows machines. The Windows DC behaves like this too, but
samba 4 does not. Is there any way to replicate this behavior on the new
version? Our users are used to not typing it and it would be quite
troublesome to retrain them. Additionally, we have a lot of windows batch
files that mount shares that also contain non-prefixed credentials,
scattered all around our organization.

Thanks for help,

Jakub Vesely

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