[Samba] Problem with Samba 4.0.4 to 4.1.19 update

Gabriel Franca gabriel.franca at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 11:46:53 UTC 2015

Good morning friends,

I have the following structure:

Centos 6.6

1) AD samba using .tgz package

2) using the proxy Sernet packages which use command: samba-tool domain join XXX.corp DC -U Administrator --realm = XXX.corp and set the squid via NTLM.


1) after the update I get the following messages in / var / log / messages:

Aug 13 04:08:56 kernel samba: Out of memory: Kill process 8571 (samba) score 631 or child sacrifice
Aug 13 04:08:56 kernel samba: Killed process 8571, UID 0 (samba) full-vm: 5262936kB, anon-rss: 2741036kB, file-rss: 2348kB
Aug 13 04:08:56 samba samba [8575]: [13/08/2015 04: 08: 56.634639, 0] ../source4/dsdb/dns/dns_update.c:294(dnsupdate_nameupdate_done)
Aug 13 04:08:56 samba samba [8575]: ../source4/dsdb/dns/dns_update.c:294: Failed DNS update - NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT
Aug 13 04:08:56 samba samba [8575]: [13/08/2015 04: 08: 56.933596, 0] ../source4/dsdb/dns/dns_update.c:323(dnsupdate_spnupdate_done)
Aug 13 04:08:56 samba samba [8575]: ../source4/dsdb/dns/dns_update.c:323: Failed SPN update - NT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT

2) the stations have the following problems:

2.1) many machines when they log say the time is wrong, then you have to restart the windows to get login.

2.2) I believe after upgrading samba that is in the proxy lost the connection to the main and because of that there are many times when we changed the password on the AD and the user is unable to login with the new password forcing a shift in the samba that is in Proxy machine.

I believe that if I remove the samba-BD problems will be solved.

how can reverse the process? remove sambaBD of my structure.


Gabriel Franca

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