[Samba] WMIC UTF-8 problem

Deniz Eren denizlist at denizeren.net
Fri Aug 7 11:57:21 UTC 2015


I am compiling wmic from latest source of samba, while querying event
logs of non-english windows servers wmic wrongly decodes logs.

For example:

I receive below string from network:
f6 f6 7a fc

but wmic interprets it as:
c3 b7 7a 67 c2 b3

Is there a way to set encoding while making the query or is there a
fix for wmic character decoding? I looked at the source but before
going deep I thought asking dev maillist is smarter.

Also if there is another project which allows querying event log(with
proper encoding) from linux that will work for me, are there any?


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