[Samba] Hardware decisions

jolly eissucht jollyeissucht at web.de
Sat Aug 1 17:09:16 UTC 2015


I'm not sure if my email was posted on the list samba at lists.samba.org so
I post it again. If it was already posted I apologize.

KR, jolly

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Betreff: 	Hardware decisions
Datum: 	Thu, 30 Jul 2015 17:38:31 +0200
Von: 	jolly eissucht <jollyeissucht at web.de>
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I'm planning to use samba 4 on debian jessie. In my environment are
approx. 50 clients (windows 7). Maybe later some linux mint clients as
well.... also about 5 hp Network printers....

Now i' m not quite sure which hardware I should use for samba 4 primary
dc and recommended secondary dc and file server which all should reside
on different hardware as recommended. Should I use stronger hardware for
the file server? What about the backups? Where should I store the backups?

I got the following hardware:
2 server PCs with the following configuration - they are exactly the
same Hardware:
4 disk drives with 1000gb each (sata), at the moment confugured in raid
1, 4gb Ram, about 6 years old

1 server PC with 1 disk drive with 100gb (still ide), 1gb Ram, about 10
years old

network is max. 100mbit/s...

Where would you install primary dc, secondary dc and file server? Where
the backup?

Thanx in advance for recommendations...

KR, jolly

Also I' m able to configure samba 4 on debian wheezy. If there are
special things to consider on debian jessie and you know tutorials I'm
happy about links.... do you use sernet packages samba 4 on debian
jessie or just samba 4 that comes with Debian jessie?

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