[Samba] Full list of options when using samba-tool user create

Mario Pio Russo mariopiorusso at ie.ibm.com
Thu Apr 30 05:45:36 MDT 2015

Good Day All

I need the full list of option supported by the command samba-tool create

the online help does not provide them all, in fact I see:


  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -H URL, --URL=URL     LDB URL for database or target server
                        Force password to be changed on next login
  --random-password     Generate random password
  --use-username-as-cn  Force use of username as user's CN
  --userou=USEROU       DN of alternative location (without domainDN
                        counterpart) to default CN=Users in which new user
                        object will be created. E. g. 'OU=<OU name>'
  --surname=SURNAME     User's surname
                        User's given name
  --initials=INITIALS   User's initials
                        User's profile path
                        User's logon script path
                        User's home drive letter
                        User's home directory path
                        User's job title
                        User's department
  --company=COMPANY     User's company
                        User's description
                        User's email address
                        User's home page
                        User's phone number
                        User's office location
  --rfc2307-from-nss    Copy Unix user attributes from NSS (will be
                        by explicit UID/GID/GECOS/shell)
                        User's Unix/RFC2307 NIS domain
                        User's Unix/RFC2307 home directory
  --uid=UID             User's Unix/RFC2307 username
                        User's Unix/RFC2307 numeric UID
                        User's Unix/RFC2307 primary GID number
  --gecos=GECOS         User's Unix/RFC2307 GECOS field
                        User's Unix/RFC2307 login shell


while I am able to use few extra options like the following:

--nis-domain  --uid-number  --unix-home

in particular I 'd like know if it is possible to populate the field:


at creation time, w/o using an ldappodify after creation .



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