[Samba] realmd and net rpc privileges

Sebastian Gabler sequoiamobil at gmx.net
Wed Apr 29 04:46:21 MDT 2015

I am running a file server off OEL7.1, domain member in a Windows AD. 
The machine was joined using realm join. Samba version is 4.1.12 from 
the yum repo. I am using SSSD, so no winbind here.
  net rpc rights grant 'SAMDOM\Domain Admins' SeDiskOperatorPrivilege 
-U'SAMDOM\administrator' does not work with the errors described in 
https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_Member_Server_Troubleshooting , 
but the solution does not work. I get the same errors when trying to 
query the assigned privs.
However, I can set ownership and access from Windows even without the 
SeDiskOperator. What am I missing?

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