[Samba] Disabling Oplocks and SMB2

Scott Sipe css at cap-press.com
Tue Apr 28 14:48:09 MDT 2015


We are running some legacy software that instructs us to, via Windows registry settings, disable all oplocks and SMB2 entirely on each Windows workstation that connects to the Samba share where the software is hosted. The software maintainers give dire warners of corruption, etc., if oplocks (and SMB2) are left enabled.

We’ve run this software off of a Samba share for 20 years and have not had any data corruption problems. I disable oplocks (and now SMB2) both on the workstation and through the smb.conf "oplocks = No” and "level2 oplocks = No” settings.

My question—do I really need to turn off smb2 and oplocks on the workstation if I’ve already disabled them on the Samba share?

I hate to slow down network access to all the other shares just for the sake of this one legacy program, but definitely do not want to risk data corruption.


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