[Samba] How do you join a Linux mailserver to a Samba domain?

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Fri Apr 24 06:03:08 MDT 2015

SOGo/Openchange is not willing i f it is not holding the fsmo roles. And by
the way in an multiple DC replicating environment you can kill your domain
on the fly even with
a real "Exchange-Server" if you are not carefull  enough.
So the only way to make OPenchange live in your domain ist o join it as dc.
And status of development as far as I know this is hard to do.
Or you manage to provision as new domain and write a script per scp to add
users to both domains.

Good Luck

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thx, Bob . . .

The e-mail problems appears to be a permissions and summary file issue.

I gave the users Administrative permissions, and everything worked
perfectly.  Then I compacted the folders and rebuilt the summary files, took
away Administrator permissions, and everything STILL works perfectly.

When I posted the question, I wondered if there was some step in joining the
mailserver I'd missed.

I'm told when Microsoft Exchange is installed, it adds entries to Active
Directory, and I wondered about alternative mailservers.  I see no place in
the ADUC MMC to identify the SOGo/Dovecot mailserver.

The same server functions as the Samba AD DC, and alternatively, I wondered
if I should use a Windows Server as a Domain Controller pointing back to
Samba AD DC  Would that identify my mailserver?

I also don't understand why the ADUC MMC failed to created a "new" user.

On 04/23/2015 03:38 PM, Bob Miller wrote:
> It's getting quite far out of date, so I dont' publish links to it 
> publicly, but you can find how to configure dovecot for samba4 here:
> http://cocnm.computerisms.ca/index.php/Install_Qmail-ldap,_Dovecot,_an
> d_Related_Email_Services#Obtain_and_Install_Dovecot
> On 15-04-23 12:20 PM, Steve Ankeny wrote:
>> I tried to create a new user in ADUC on Windows (using the AD MMC)
>> and received another error that appears to relate to the issue --
>> I presume it's speaking of storage space in my Samba AD DC but "df"
>> shows otherwise.
>> Can someone point me to a tutorial?

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