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Thu Apr 23 07:09:01 MDT 2015


I have a simple small AD DC setup. Two DC's, a member server and a
couple of W7 machines. Because I am so small. My DC's do not work very
hard therefore I chose two P4 computers. (Remember the day when a P4 was
a "hot rod!") I could by them refurbished for cheap. 

I have been using Louis' scripts for some time now. I like them. These
scripts set up an AD DC system. With some experience within 30 minutes
or so you can have a functional DC running and can connect a W7 machine.

Why am I explaining this, you might ask? Because I think I have a good
general knowledge of Samba setups, now. I started, like all of us,
reading any and all instructions off [insert search engine choice here]
the internet. Building a VM or some old computer I had laying around.
Learned about bind9 and dns. Learned about krb5, network settings,
/etc/resolv.conf, and the list goes on. 

Then I discovered (with the help of this mailing list) Louis' scripts.
Life got simpler!! 

Now, the minor problem. 

Louis, you and I have discussed this issue before. Your latest script,
at about line 462, you have removed all the "sleep" that slow the script
and let my slow (no longer "hot rod") P4 catch up. In laymen's terms,
the missing sleeps allow the script to proceed which doesn't allow bind
to complete before being asked do the next "bind thing." Then, when
setting Samba Privileges, those "rights" are not granted and the
installation fails. 

My experience has been that "sleep 2" is still too fast but, only the
first three "rights grants" failed. (I ran those manually after the
install and they were accepted.) 

This is something that cannot be tested on a VM because any computer
running a VM is very fast. (Has to be because VM are demanding on the
hardware. Mine is a Xeon dual processor workstation with 32Gb of RAM . .
. now everybody drool for a moment . . . .) 

So, please reinsert the "sleeps" into the scripts and it will eliminate
the frustration of "What's gone wrong NOW!!!" after you have learned all
that stuff I listed above. 

It is my opinion that scripts need to "just work" and if slowing them
down makes them work then, why not slow them down. Essentially, you are
developing an installer that will need to work in all environments,
including my real world (no longer a "hot rod") P4 machine. 

Thanks for the great work!!! AND, thank you for Samba!!!! 


Bob Wooden of Donelson Trophy

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www.donelsontrophy.com [1]

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