[Samba] Machine choosing unexpected logonserver in multi-dc domain 4.2.1

Fred Smith fs582087 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 20:39:57 MDT 2015

I have the following setup in a samba 4.2.1 multi-dc domain

DC1 -
DC2 -
DC3 -

I have a site and subnet setup for each DC in Active Directory Sites
and Services

DC1 server in site DC1 with subnet
DC2 server in site DC2 with subnet
DC3 server in site DC3 with subnet

DC3 has dhcpd setup giving machines on it's network IPs

When I login to a Win7 machine in DC3s site/network, it always gets
logonserver DC1. I have tried leaving/join domain. The only way I can
get it to use DC3 as logonserver is to stop samba on DC1 and DC2.

I use the following command on the Win7 machine to verify the logonserver

echo %logonserver%

When I had this similar configuration in samba 4.1.x machines on DC3s
network would always choose DC3 as the logonserver.

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