[Samba] Idmap RID back end on Samba 4.2.1

miguelmedalha at sapo.pt miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Wed Apr 22 09:23:02 MDT 2015

> I tried it and it did not work the same as winbindd on a memberserver.
> I still got UIDs starting with 3.000.000
Thank you for your answer. I am asking because at the moment I don't  
have a spare machine to test it.

Of course you did include "-winbind +winbindd" in a "server services"  
line in smb.conf, didn't you?

Well, my systems work well as they are, with backend RID on member  
servers only. I suppose I wanted to unify the whole thing for a  
question of elegance only. Given that versions 4.2.x can use the  
normal winbind on a DC, I expected consistent behavior here.

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