[Samba] Using smbpasswd users as AD Member

ingo.krabbe at eoa.de ingo.krabbe at eoa.de
Wed Apr 22 05:23:59 MDT 2015


I'm an old admin used to configure computers by using a few command lines, that used to quite similar for about 20 years now. For example there was a quite simple method to add a smbpasswd for a unix user to allow access to samba shares. Sometimes I like to share directories with the foreign AD world and sometimes I want to keep the directories inside the unix realm. For example a /usr/src share might not contain anything usefull for AD Users but might be quite interesting for users at unix machines.

I have a section:

valid users = DOMAIN/UserName unixUser
# + some more parameters

and I used

	# smbpasswd -a unixUser

to set a password for unixUser.

Now I'm able to mount the root share as DOMAIN/UserName but I cannot mount as unixUser.

I assume the [global] parameter for this is security, which I set to ADS. When I set the security to USER I can use the unixUser but I cannot use the UserName from the DOMAIN. Is there any option to use both (as in nsswitch.conf)?



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