[Samba] Noob question: user moved to a OU dissapear from getent, but groups don't

Andrey Repin anrdaemon at yandex.ru
Tue Apr 21 14:25:46 MDT 2015

Greetings, Daniel Carrasco Marín!

>>>>          winbind normalize names = yes
> Why this entrie can be problematic? it changes the spaces in names for
> underscores, usefull with Cups (i can't add a group with spaces to allowed
> groups). I've curiosity.

Spaces are not directly allowed in many places. I.e. sudoers or fstab.
You can still add them, if you know how they needs to be represented to be
But my advice in this one case is to avoid creating groups with spaces.
If you absolutely NEED to use default group in certain context, and that
context doesn't let you use spaces in ANY form, You can still get around it.
Either change "pre-2000" name of a default group (NOT recommended) or create
a new proxy group and add default group as its member. Of course, you have to
allow group recursion.

Plus sign has special meaning in NIS. And to disallowing of nested groups, I
touched that above already.

In short... man smb.conf have it all explained, I suggest you read it BEFORE
making changes.

> For now I know that I've to change the netbios name in smb.conf before the
> classic upgrade (the old server netbios is wrong), I've to delete some tdb
> files, and I've to leave the smb.conf without change anything after the
> upgrade.

That's a recommendation. Strong one, but only recommendation still.
If you KNOW you need certain things to be changed, do it. But consider the
effects before that.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 23:15:40

Sorry for my terrible english...

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