[Samba] sernet = dead?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Apr 21 08:53:25 MDT 2015

thats still the case with the packages  but.. 4.2.1 wil build on jessie fine. ( from source )
Did that today. 



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>On 21/04/15 15:45, Thomas Schulz wrote:
>>> On 21/04/15 09:17, Peter Grotz - Obel und Partner GbR wrote:
>>>> Hallo,
>>>> samba 4.2 is released for some time now. Sernet usually 
>doesn???t take a lot
>>>> of time to release their new packages.
>>>> But now we haven???t heard a peep from them. Are they gone 
>or will there be
>>>> another fine release?
>>>> In great expectation of a fine new sernet-samba-package-release???
>>>> -Peter
>>> No, I don't think they are dead :-)
>>> I tried to update the available debian jessie samba 
>packages to 4.2 and
>>> failed big time, it seems that you require updated dependencies that
>>> don't yet exist in sid, let alone jessie. This is probably 
>the problem
>>> that Sernet are hitting.
>>> Rowland
>> You might do better with 4.2.1. See Bug 11135 which is fixed 
>in 4.2.1.
>> Tom Schulz
>> Applied Dynamics Intl.
>> schulz at adi.com
>I will have a look, but I was trying to rebuild the debian samba debs 
>and they kept asking for things like external libs such as talloc etc, 
>which I could build, but eventually I hit something I couldn't build 
>because it wasn't available in sid, the version there wasn't 
>new enough.
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