[Samba] Joining 2008 R2 to Samba4 AD DC

Steve Ankeny steve_a at cinergymetro.net
Mon Apr 20 06:41:18 MDT 2015

In regard to the first question:

*Steve Ankeny* steve_a at cinergymetro.net 
/Mon Apr 20 05:29:08 MDT 2015/

Looking at the Windows Server Event Viewer, I find this error:

The Remote Desktop license server could not be registered as a service
connection point in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Ensure
that there is network connectivity between the license server and AD DS.
To register the license server as a service connection point in AD DS,
use Review Configuration in the RD Licensing Manager tool.

Would this keep me from joining the Samba domain on this server?

I'm going to pursue resolving it regardless.

It appears I need to change the "Discovery Scope" from "Workgroup" to 

However, I am unsure how to do that when I haven't "joined" the server 
to a domain?  Need answer.

Right now, I plan to "deactivate" the License Server, join the domain 
then "reactivate" the License Server.

The License Server is the same machine I'm trying to join to the Samba 

Any suggestions from those familiar with Windows Remote Desktop Servers?

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