[Samba] Samba process pegging CPU

Achim Gottinger achim at ag-web.biz
Fri Apr 17 10:15:16 MDT 2015

Hello Jeff,

Am 16.04.2015 um 16:33 schrieb Donaldson Jeff:
> My apologies, went to paste and accidentally sent the message...see below for rest of detail.
> Greetings,
> I'm currently experiencing an issue with two of my three Samba servers where one Samba process is pegging the CPU usage and eating up a lot of virtual and resident memory. While this is happening I get a "ERROR(runtime): DsReplicaGetInfo of type 0 failed - (-1073610723, 'NT_STATUS_RPC_PROTOCOL_ERROR')" error when I try to run the samba-tool drs showrepl command. When that singular process drops (albeit temporarily) I can get the samba-tool command to complete. It shows everything is replicating successfully. This is happening on both of my Samba 4.1.9 servers. One is Ubuntu Server 12.04 and the other is Ubuntu Server 14.04. It seems to be pegged more on the 12.04 box though. I'm also seeing these errors in 12.04 log.samba...
> [2015/04/16 09:54:16.470468,  1] ../source4/dsdb/kcc/kcc_deleted.c:134(kccsrv_check_deleted)
>    ../source4/dsdb/kcc/kcc_deleted.c:134: Failed to remove deleted object DC=NCS-HPLAP28\0ADEL:ac84ad1f-a645-47db-873f-ccfccd9c621c,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=ncs,DC=k12,DC=de,DC=us
> [2015/04/16 09:54:16.911186,  1] ../lib/ldb-samba/ldb_wrap.c:71(ldb_wrap_debug)
>    ldb: Invalid data for index  DN=@INDEX:OBJECTCLASS:DNSNODE
> Could this just be an issue with re-indexing?
> Jeff Donaldson
> Technology Director
> Newark Charter School
> jeff.donaldson at ncs.k12.de.us
> (302) 369-2001 ext: 425
Version 4.1.9 did not have an fix for an issue with deleted objects.
Can it be you have huge sam.ldb.d/* files with lots of deleted objects?
If that is the case, try to upgrade to at least 4.1.11 which includes an 
fix for the issue.

Can you run samba-tool dbcheck --cross-ncs in an reasonable time? Does 
it report an error for the object with the id 
ac84ad1f-a645-47db-873f-ccfccd9c621c ?
If so you can try to delete the offending object

ldbdel -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb 
"<GUID=ac84ad1f-a645-47db-873f-ccfccd9c621c >"

This is usually not recommended but fixed such an issue on an site I 
support. So make sure zou have an working backup or an snapshot of the 
server before you try.


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