[Samba] network collapse

sambait3 at fuckaround.org sambait3 at fuckaround.org
Thu Apr 16 03:26:09 MDT 2015

Hi folks

on debian stable I've a default samba file sharing config. Everything
works perfectly (almost...) - samba version 3.6.6

>From linux and windows clients (wired and wifi too) when I (i.e. listen
musics) often (one time every 4/5 minutes) networks suddenly collapse (for
less one second) and immediately goes up. So I've an interrupt of
broadcast (this happens also if I use rsync via samba with bandwidth

Using rsync or wget for transfer files from same server I don't have any
problems (avoiding samba service).

I've several NICs, this problem happens on all interfaces

samba logs (debug) nothing of good to audit, system log none, iptables is
ok, I tried with minimal services (samba only), I try to modify tcp socks
to tuning samba but nothing... also rebooting the server

now: what should I do?

thanks for help!


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