[Samba] Resend of returned email: [3.6.6] Possible to allow password-free read/write access?

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Thu Apr 16 00:40:54 MDT 2015

Why is someone not setting up an email server conform RFC's 
and seems to be you have an ipv6.. so set the ptr record. 

Hai Linda, 

I do have ipv4 and ipv6 on my server, and im never blocked..
but i did setup conform all rfcs.. i block servers in the same way. 
so yes, i did set my reverse for ipv4 and ipv6.. 

what most people do wrong..
1) the hostname must have A and RR (PTR) and MX record.
2) the HELO hostname must have a A Record. 


and IF you server has an ipv6 ip.. it is preffered over ipv4. 
and for that reson, or disable ipv6 in total, or set the hostname also. 



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>Namens Linda W
>Verzonden: woensdag 15 april 2015 23:34
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>CC: Gilles; samba-admin at lists.samba.org
>Onderwerp: [Samba] Resend of returned email: [3.6.6] Possible 
>to allow password-free read/write access?
>Why would the samba list be looking for a reverse host name
>via IPV6?   IFAIK I only have an IPv4 addr and reverse
>addr.  I don't know if the original went to the person
>in france or not.
>Anyone else getting  bounces like this?
>-------- Original Message --------
>Subject: 	Returned mail: see transcript for details
>Date: 	Tue, 7 Apr 2015 13:19:19 -0700
>From: 	Mail Delivery Subsystem <MAILER-DAEMON at Ishtar.hs.tlinx.org>
>To: 	<samba at tlinx.org>
>The original message was received at Thu, 2 Apr 2015 13:09:34 -0700
>from Athenae []
>   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
><samba at lists.samba.org>
>    (reason: 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your 
>reverse hostname, [2601:9:6901:1000:226:b9ff:fe48:71e4])
>   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>... while talking to mail.samba.org.:
>>>> DATA
><<< 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse 
>hostname, [2601:9:6901:1000:226:b9ff:fe48:71e4]
><samba at lists.samba.org>... Deferred: 450 4.7.1 Client host 
>rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname, 
><<< 554 5.5.1 Error: no valid recipients
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