[Samba] Registering Windows 2012 impossible into samba4 after migration

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 15 02:26:36 MDT 2015

On 15/04/15 08:49, jean-yves boisiaud wrote:
> hello,
> our new samba4 is an ADS. The domain format is like samdom.example.com.
> 2015-04-15 7:56 GMT+02:00 Daniel Müller <mueller at tropenklinik.de>:
>> Hello again,
>> waht kind of domain ? nt-style? Or ads?
>> As I can tell I could not register a windows 2012 Server in an nt-style
>> domain with  xxx.yyy domain name.
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>> Betreff: [Samba] Registering Windows 2012 impossible into samba4 after
>> migration
>> hello,
>> We've just migrated our samba PDC v3.4.5 (FreeBSD) to samba v4.1.17 (Debian
>> wheezy) with samba4 classic upgrade. Most of the stations works fine.
>> When I try to register a Windows 2012 as a member into the new Samba AD,
>> Windows 2012 says it cannot authenticate the user used for registering the
>> new host into the domain. Of course, this user have admin privileges into
>> the AD target domain.
>> I registered a Windows 2012 before into a Samba v4.1.11 without any problem.
>> It was not a classic upgrade, but a new domain from scratch.
>> Do you have an idea why I cannot register my Windows 2012 into my classic
>> upgraded domain ?
>> Thank you for your help.
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I take it that this isn't something obvious like the time being 
different between the computers, or you trying to join the 2012 machine 
as a DC. Marc wrote a couple of pages on the samba wiki that may help:



Whilst I have never had to upgrade an NT-4 style PDC, I thought it was 
just basically like creating a new domain with the SID from the old 
domain and importing all the users & groups from the old domain. What 
you ended up with, was a new AD domain that was based on the old NT-4 
PDC and your clients didn't notice the difference. I also thought that 
there shouldn't be any difference between a newly provisioned domain and 
an upgraded domain, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference (you 
can actually, but this is only because the upgrade process adds the 
un-required  posix objectclasses), so if you are just trying to join 
your 2012 computer as a client and it wont, then there must be something 
going on, especially if you are trying to join the computer in the same 
way that you previously joined one to a new samba4 AD.


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