[Samba] DFS sub-folder redirection

Prunk Dump prunkdump at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 01:25:55 MDT 2015

Hello Samba team,

I search for a way to redirect some subfolders of a SMB share to
another server. It seems that the classical way to achieve this is to
use DFS. But DFS shares must contain links and can't contain files.

So if I have a shared tree like this on the same server hosting the DFS share :
\\share1 (contain some files)
\\share1\folderA (contain some files)
\\share1\folderB (empty, must be redirected)

Is this possible to make a DFS link pointing to the share1 root on the
same server :

DFSshare/share1 ------> samehost:\\share1

and if the client enter the folderB the connection is redirected to
another server ?

DFSshare/share1/folderB -------> anotherhost:\\sharefolderB

I can't find any example like this. Can someone help me ?

Thanks !


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