[Samba] Registering Windows 2012 impossible into samba4 after migration

jean-yves boisiaud jean-yves.boisiaud at alcor-consulting.fr
Tue Apr 14 15:43:18 MDT 2015


We've just migrated our samba PDC v3.4.5 (FreeBSD) to samba v4.1.17
(Debian wheezy) with samba4 classic upgrade. Most of the stations
works fine.

When I try to register a Windows 2012 as a member into the new Samba
AD, Windows 2012 says it cannot authenticate the user used for
registering the new host into the domain. Of course, this user have
admin privileges into the AD target domain.

I registered a Windows 2012 before into a Samba v4.1.11 without any
problem. It was not a classic upgrade, but a new domain from scratch.

Do you have an idea why I cannot register my Windows 2012 into my
classic upgraded domain ?

Thank you for your help.

Jean-Yves Boisiaud - Alcor Consulting
24, rue de la Glycine
49250 Saint Remy la Varenne
mobile : +33 6 63 71 73 46  fixe : +33 9 72 41 19 35

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