[Samba] Migration of 2 samba3 PDC+OpenLDAP in one new Samba4 AD

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Apr 9 13:29:10 MDT 2015

Hello Pierre,

Am 09.04.2015 um 10:27 schrieb BRIEC, Pierre:
 > The current samba3 domains doesn't have the same name, is it a
 > problem? Do you know when this functionnality will be implemented?

It doesn't matter, because in my suggestion, one domain would die and 
you re-create all users in the other and join all machines to the new one.

 > I'm not really aware with AD stuff so could you explain me how the
 > different sites could communicate themselves if AD Trust is not
 > implemented? The Inter-Sites functionnality is not working atm?

You need of course a connection between the two sites (LAN, VPN, etc.). 
Depending on the changes that happen in AD, a small bandwidth can be 
sufficient. AD sites work great with Samba.

In AD you setup sites and configure replication between them. I 
described it here:

 > the main problem is not the Users, as i will delete them and only
 > keep the Teachers after July.

About how many user accounts and groups are we talking in the smaller 
domain? And about how many workstations?

 > I want to be sure that i can have the following functionalities with
 > Samba4 AD:
 > - intersites communications
 > - DC replication between the two sites.
 > - only one domain

Is all possible with Samba in it's current state.


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