[Samba] Samba-tool use of --random-password

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 9 08:24:21 MDT 2015

On 09/04/15 15:14, Mario Pio Russo wrote:
> Good Day all
> I have a quick question regarding the use of the flag --random-password.
> When i do a command like:
> samba-tool user add pippo --random-password ;
> as root, I'd like to see what is the newly generated random password, and
> then communicate that to the user , but the output of that command does not
> show anything...
> any help? :)

The whole idea of --random-password is to create a random password for 
users that *don't* really need a password i.e. system services

If you want random passwords for users, then either use one of the many 
password generators you can find on the internet, or write your own script.


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