[Samba] mount -t cifs for FIPS mode

xxiao8 xxiao8 at fosiao.com
Mon Apr 6 21:51:02 MDT 2015

when I tried to run 'mount -t cifs' under FIPS mode(linux kernel 
bootargs has fips=1) I got:

"CIFS VFS: could not allocate crypto hmacmd5
CIFS VFS: could not setup hash structures rc -2
CIFS VFS: could not allocate crypto hmacmd5


I tried to use various "sec=ntlmssp" etc with no success.

MD5 is FIPS-prohibited, what do I need to mount CIFS with other crypto 
such hmacsha1 or hmacsha256(that are FIPS compatible), is this even 
possible with current cifs-utils code base?



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