[Samba] Member server - winbind unable to resolve users/groups

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 5 11:41:02 MDT 2015

On 05/04/15 16:11, buhorojo wrote:
> On 05/04/15 17:03, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> Am 05.04.2015 um 16:55 schrieb buhorojo:
>>> We don't want best anything
>> sad enough
>>> We want what we have to work
>> so do what you want - who cares
>>> Linux: we configure it as we wish
>> why don't you do then?
>>> Not as someone else dictates
>> well, do what you want but why do you discuss on public mailing lists 
>> if you only want to hear the same as you say?
> I was born this millennium. I want to help real people with real 
> problems.
>>> You're worse than my IT teacher
>>> Your idealism helps no one
>> without such idealism you couldn't even write here
> Yawn. Yes. Very grateful. Now, lets get the problem solved.

Ah, I understand you now buhojo, you are a know it all youngster, who in 
fact knows nothing. You will not believe me when I say that, but believe 
me, I was you when I was younger, I thought I knew everything, anybody 
who was older was an idiot. You will discover, when you get to my age 
(about 4 times older than you) and look back as I did, that back then I 
was the idiot and I didn't really know anything because I hadn't had any 
life experience.

But you wont want to know anything of this, because, as I said, you know 
it all now :-D

So, run along and do your homework, so that you do not get in trouble 
with your teachers.


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