[Samba] Member server - winbind unable to resolve users/groups

Rowland Penny rowlandpenny at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 5 08:41:21 MDT 2015

On 05/04/15 15:09, Luca Olivetti wrote:
> El 05/04/15 a les 15:31, Rowland Penny ha escrit:
>> OK, so you have users that start at '500', these will undoubtedly be
>> local Unix users not AD users, unless you have migrated these users to
>> AD, in which case you would have had to remove the local Unix users.
> Uh? They're users, currently in ldap and after that in AD, and they will
> maintain the same uids/gids. I would be pretty angry if they didn't,
> since it would screw up file ownership

You shouldn't really have used such low numbers in the first place, but 
that was your decision.

>> If you will never need any local Unix users (and what happens if the
>> domain connection goes down ?)
> Isn't winbind supposed to cache that?
> ;-)

What if the problem is winbind ?

>> then you could start the AD users at
>> where the local Unix users are supposed to start (debian 1000, older
>> red-hat 500, newer red-hat 1000), but this is if you *only* have Unix
>> system users on the computer.
> Nonsense. I can simply use uids/gids outside the range for local users.

Right and what happens if your number of AD users grows ? they could 
collide with your local Unix users.

>> I cannot recommend this type of setup, there is no reason to have such a
>> setup and if you do have such a setup, then my recommendation is to
>> retire and let somebody else sort out your mess.
> This is not a "mess". This was best-practice in its day (some of us have
> been using Linux when it was still not fashionable to do so) and it
> still works fine. There is no reason to change what's working fine only
> to follow your recommendation. Otherwise there would be no reason to
> make the range configurable: it is in order to adapt to one's environment.

Yes, it may have been best practice in its day (cannot think when, but 
hey) but it is not best practice now and hasn't been for quite sometime.

As for using Linux when it was still not fashionable, well I
A) Remember reading Linus's message shortly after he sent it out (didn't 
really understand what he was trying to get at)
B) Remember booting my first Linux machine from a couple of 3-1/2 inch 
floppies called 'boot' and 'root'

So, don't try and pull the 'I am older than Methuselah' routine :-D

> Bye

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