[Samba] Recommended stations on a server and slave domain controller

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Thu Apr 2 13:30:37 MDT 2015

Hello Sourisack,

Am 02.04.2015 um 11:52 schrieb Sourisack PHANIVONG:
> We are planning to start with 5000 users.
> Do you have an idea or some feebacks on how many DCs are necessary to
> have the best performance and what is the max users that could be
> include in each DCs ?

This isn't easy to say. It depents on your environment and many factors.

MS published a document about that:
But this is also just very general.

What are your plans about this domain? Do you have to populate the AD 
with 5000 users at once and all are accessing it at the same time (e. g. 
logon storm in the morning)? Or can you start with 1000 users and two 
DCS, see how the load and performance is and then increase the number of 
users and, if required, the DCs.


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