[Samba] sssd-ad cannot be installed with sernet samba

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Thu Apr 2 07:37:43 MDT 2015

El 02/04/15 a les 14:56, Rowland Penny ha escrit:

> *We _do not recommend_ using the Domain Controller as a file Server*.

I'm sorry to chime in again, but I have no intention of using the DC as
a file server *but* I like to have the user mapping in place for other
purposes (e.g. see the file ownership when I nfs mount the netapp storage).
Since I already configured sssd in all member servers (in the test
network, this isn't going to go live for a while) and winbind is not
supposed to work on the DC (or so I read in this list) I simply thought
that sssd was the natural solution.

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