[Samba] how to define new folders ACL

Sébastien Le Ray sebastien at orniz.org
Wed Sep 24 06:34:35 MDT 2014

The inherit permissions checkbox state is stored as a file attribute 
I don't know what is the meaning of its value.

Le 24/09/2014 14:13, Lorenzo Faleschini a écrit :
> the unix permissions were already correct
> administrator:domain users
> the problem was with ACLs so by setting with setfacls default:xxxx I 
> shaped the way the new folders will be under the whole tree.
> tested with a random user in creating a folder and the defaults were 
> applies (domain users RWX)... so seems ok
> just for understanding better, what do you mean by setting xattr 
> inheritance? how can I do that?

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