[Samba] Do Samba 4.2 support: basic event viewer, rodc, multi-site?

Nguyen Trung Hieu thaygiaoth at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 00:37:57 MDT 2014

Dear Samba team

Do Samba 4.2 support basic "event viewer" included

User logon, logoff: sucess, failure
User change password
Computer startup, shutdown

They are very important log info

Currently, I using windows batch script in logon, logoff, shutdow, startup
group policy
But the destination log need to write permission for everyone So users can
find out destination folder and delete it.

I also want to deploy Samba4 multi-site

But I found some errors

Will they fix in next release?

BTW, I configured Read Only DC at this link:

But users can not logon because of Credential caching

Will it improve on Samba 4.2?


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