[Samba] help on samba-tng

Matthieu Patou mat at samba.org
Mon Sep 29 23:32:23 MDT 2014


Look at the branch 4.1.x, on my laptop I'm able to get nmbd down to 
~250Kb after stripping on the process.

There is a bit of work because we have lots of libraries but maybe you 
could work on that to get more feature optionals and need less libraries.


On 09/29/2014 05:49 PM, Honey Zhao wrote:
> Hi Matthieu & Volker,
>          Thanks for your suggestion.
>          I have compiled the Samba v3.6.12 via buildroot-2013.02, the size of the executable nmbd is 2.7MB after stripping, the size is much too large to embedded application because of Flash limitation.
>          I only need nmbd ap to support NetBIOS protocol.
>          So,  I have two question, pls kindly to give me some suggestions.
>          Q1: If the Samba v3.61 can be reduced for compiling it, then get smaller nmbd executable ap(less than 1M Byte is better).
>          Q2: If there is a small samba open source version, pls share relative web link to me.
>          Thanks again!
> Best regards
> Honey
> 2014/9/30
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> On 09/29/2014 02:29 AM, Volker Lendecke wrote:
>> On Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 08:25:14AM +0000, Honey Zhao wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>>            This is an embedded firmware engineer Honey from China, and I am studying the samba and samba-tng, because the size of samba is too large to my development.
>>>            I want to port the samba-tng to embedded ARM Linux system, use the kernel version is 2.6.35, but I found the samba-tng can't be compiled by cross compiler(arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc).
>>>            And I can't access the http://www.samba-tng.org website in my office, so not get any technical document on this question.
>>>            I am looking forward to get feedback. Thanks!
>> Just so that you are aware: Samba TNG has no SMB2 support, and
>> Microsoft is serious to disable SMB1 in the not so distant future. So
>> if you need SMB support that lasts, you should be a bit careful with
>> Samba TNG.
>> We (Samba Team) would be happy to take a look at your requirements and
>> see if we can do something for your environment.
>> With best regards,
>> Volker Lendecke
> I second Volker, it might be much more easier to work on getting samba smaller (what ever it means) than trying to get samba-tng do anything helpful to you.
> Matthieu
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