[Samba] 3.6.9 samba does not propagate (or show) Linux quota for windows users to see it

Karel Lang AFD lang at afd.cz
Mon Sep 29 08:03:41 MDT 2014

Hi list,
perhaps someone can help me out?

- samba 3.6.9 plus CentOS 6.5

- i have user quotas set up on their HOME directories, which resides in 
the "/home" filesystem

- on windows workstation their disk quota is not shown, instead they see 
whole filesystem free/taken space (which generate much grumbling)

After searching lists, googling etc., i decided to give a try the 
"smb.conf" option:
"get quota command" and written a script to back it up.

so i have got in "smb.conf":
get quota command = /usr/local/bin/query_quota.sh

Script (based on the script that was written by Rick Brown back in 2005 
that i dug out of samba list):

IAM=`id -un`

# find the user's home file system.

#check and see if they're over quota, as it will affect output
# user with reached quota has 9 fields in row, 'ok' user only 8
OVER=`/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /$DIR | grep -w $IAM | wc -w`

# over quota
if [ $OVER -eq 9 ]; then
         RET=`/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /$DIR | grep -w $IAM  | 
awk -F" " '{print "2 "$3" "$4" "$5" "$7" "$8" "$9}'`
# not over quota
         RET=`/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /$DIR | grep -w $IAM  | 
awk -F" " '{print "2 "$3" "$4" "$5" "$6" "$7" "$8}'`
echo $RET

script output if run by user on linux:
2 2494580 3300000 3500000 3444 0 0

Which should be about right - according to the Manpage of smb.conf that 

"This script should print one line as output with spaces between the 
The arguments are:

            ·   Arg 1 - quota flags (0 = no quotas, 1 = quotas enabled, 
2 = quotas enabled and

            ·   Arg 2 - number of currently used blocks

            ·   Arg 3 - the softlimit number of blocks

            ·   Arg 4 - the hardlimit number of blocks

            ·   Arg 5 - currently used number of inodes

            ·   Arg 6 - the softlimit number of inodes

            ·   Arg 7 - the hardlimit number of inodes

            ·   Arg 8(optional) - the number of bytes in a block(default 
is 1024)

But still i see only report of free / used space on the whole 
Filesystem, that i mapped to windows as H:\username

Anybody could share some insight on this matter?

Thanks a LOT.

Karel Lang

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