[Samba] debian wheezy with backports samba domain join FAIL ( BUG! )

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Mon Sep 29 07:55:47 MDT 2014

After some testing i can confirm there is a bug in the debian backports samba. ( 4.1.11 the latest in backports ) 
The first server setups up ok without any problem. 
When you want to join the second server, it says its al succesfull but dont be fooled... its not! 
non of the needed dns entries are created.  ( samba-tool drs showrepl ) gives WERR_BADFILE 
No hostname, aka :  no alias in _msdcs.internal.domain.tld no SRV records and no CNAME records, 
is found in the first AD server (bind9 dns was used) 
I redid my steps with a sernet-samba installation and then everything is created as it should.
You have been warned! 

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