[Samba] DOS access to Samba server

Peter Ross Petros.Listig at fdrive.com.au
Fri Sep 26 00:47:48 MDT 2014

Hallo Marc,

From: "Marc Muehlfeld" <mmuehlfeld at samba.org>
> Hello Peter,
> Am 26.09.2014 um 06:24 schrieb Peter Ross:
>> But I cannot connect a share:
>> C:\> net use w: \\server\share
>> Error 64: The network name has been deleted.
>> The server's IP address is in LMHOSTS and HOSTS just to be sure..
> Does it works if you connect using the IP?

No. Then I get

Error 53: The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located.

(I am not sure whether DOS+LAN Manager supports the address syntax at all)

BTW: I installed quickly a machine with samba 4.1.11 - the result is the

I can connect to the share using Windows 7.

Thanks for help

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