[Samba] DOS access to Samba server

Peter Ross Petros.Listig at fdrive.com.au
Thu Sep 25 22:24:31 MDT 2014

Hi all,

I followed Marc Muehlfeld's Wiki page to create a FreeDOS virtualbox (for
a very very old DOS app still used a bit) with SMB using MS LAN Manager:


All fine it seems. (Thanks Marc - just a missing "\" in

But I cannot connect a share:

C:\> net use w: \\server\share

Error 64: The network name has been deleted.

The server's IP address is in LMHOSTS and HOSTS just to be sure..

There is no firewall in-between, the virtual machine's interface is in
bridge mode and has a fixed IP address. The fileserver is standalone with
local users and Samba 3.6 (needs upgrading, I know..)

Any ideas what the error means?

Thank you

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