[Samba] smbd doesn't start anymore

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Sep 23 07:10:22 MDT 2014

- backup you environment of samba.

- upgrade to 4.1.12

try again. 
if it still doesnt work, then we need more info. 


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>Onderwerp: [Samba] smbd doesn't start anymore
>     I've a really big problem with my SAMBA 4.1.11 production 
>server.... it doesn't want to start smbd anymore.... nmbd starts fine 
>but not smbd.
>     I've tried to start smbd in interactive mode to see 
>what's happened :
>     # /srv/progs/samba4/sbin/smbd -i -d9
>     produce a lot of lines about configuration (all fine), some last 
>lines are :
>added interface lo ip=::1 bcast= 
>added interface lo ip= bcast= netmask=
>added interface bond0 ip= bcast= 
>loaded services
>Netbios name list:-
>fcntl_lock 9 6 0 1 1
>fcntl_lock: Lock call successful
>Attempting to register passdb backend smbpasswd
>Successfully added passdb backend 'smbpasswd'
>Attempting to register passdb backend tdbsam
>Successfully added passdb backend 'tdbsam'
>Attempting to register passdb backend wbc_sam
>Successfully added passdb backend 'wbc_sam'
>Attempting to register passdb backend ldapsam
>Successfully added passdb backend 'ldapsam'
>Attempting to register passdb backend NDS_ldapsam
>Successfully added passdb backend 'NDS_ldapsam'
>Attempting to register passdb backend IPA_ldapsam
>Successfully added passdb backend 'IPA_ldapsam'
>Attempting to find a passdb backend to match tdbsam (tdbsam)
>Found pdb backend tdbsam
>pdb backend tdbsam has a valid init
>check lock order 1 for 
>release lock order 1 for 
>After this last line, it stop writing anything and wait 
>indefinitely...... but there's no listenning socket opened so 
>the daemon 
>never listen and never be used....
>Is there a way to get more informations about why my smbd doesn't work 
>at all magically ?
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