[Samba] Element not found error

Brian C. Huffman bhuffman at etinternational.com
Mon Sep 22 13:48:22 MDT 2014


Ok - I just tried using SerNet's 4.1 RPMS (4.1.12-9.el6.x86_64)

I had to change the syntax for adding the SeDiskOperatorPrivilege. Was 
this written / tested using Samba 4.0?
[root at samba02 bhuffman]# net rpc rights grant 'ETI\Domain Admins' 
SeDiskOperatorPrivilege -Uadministrator
Enter administrator's password:
Failed to grant privileges for ETI\Domain Admins (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)
[root at samba02 bhuffman]# net sam rights grant 'ETI\Domain Admins' 
SeDiskOperatorPrivilege -Uadministrator
Granted SeDiskOperatorPrivilege to ETI\Domain Admins

At any rate, after using "net sam" instead of "net rpc", it appeared to 

But now when I tried to change things in the security tab in computer 
management, I get a "Access is denied" error message.



On 09/22/2014 02:06 PM, Marc Muehlfeld wrote:
> Hello Brian,
> Am 22.09.2014 um 19:48 schrieb Brian C. Huffman:
>> I have a Samba 4.1.4 AD server and am trying to set up a file server as
>> a member of the domain.
>> Currently I'm using Samba 3.6.9 from the CentOS repository.
>> I've followed this wiki:
>> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_and_configure_file_shares_with_Windows_ACLs
> I didn't tried that with 3.6, when I wrote the documentation. Do you
> have a change to re-try it with the latest 4.0 or better 4.1? Maybe some
> else here on the list can say for sure, that it should work with 3.6, too.
>> but when I try to make changes in the Security tab of Computer
>> Management->System Tools->Shared Folders-Shares, I'm getting "An error
>> occurred while applying security information to: \\SAMBA02\files -
>> Element not found."  If I click continue, then I get "Unable to save
>> permission changes on files (\\SAMBA02). Element not found."
>> I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Any suggestions?
> My guess, without having seen any logs and configs:
> https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Setup_and_configure_file_shares_with_Windows_ACLs#SeDiskOperatorPrivilege
> Regards,
> Marc

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