[Samba] old dc still mentioned as msSFU30MasterServerName

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Mon Sep 22 09:09:03 MDT 2014

Hi Rowland,

I've done some googling on NIS, because I didn't know exactly what it 
was... (perhaps strange)

I see now that it comes from msSFU30DomainInfo. We are not using any of 
that, and also have never used it. I guess it comes by default, or 
perhaps you get it together with RFC2307 attributes. (which we are using)

Anyway, I'll set it to an existing DC, and for the rest forget about it.

Thank you!

> Hi Mourik, it is all in the name 'Master NIS Server', the NIS server
> doesn't even have to be a windows server!
> NIS is a unix thing and really has nothing to with windows, so yes, in
> my opinion you can use any DC.
> Rowland

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