[Samba] samba 4 domain join to win 2008r2 level DC w/ a schema with exchange 2010 extensions: replication after the join is broken

Zerwes, Klaus zerwes at rosalux.de
Mon Sep 22 08:35:19 MDT 2014


Here are the capture files and the logs:
 * http://zero-sys.net/domainjoin.log : log of the join
 * http://zero-sys.net/log.samba http://zero-sys.net/log.smbd : logs of the daemon
 * http://zero-sys.net/join.cap : the network traf captured during the join (too big to attach)
 * http://zero-sys.net/run.cap : captured after the join and starting the daemon until the repadmin tool reports the schema error
 * http://zero-sys.net/forcerepl.cap : captured during a forced replication

Testing the schema version on both sides using ldbserach w/ -b CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=test,DC=rls,DC=ad --scope=base objectVersion
I get objectVersion: 56 on both sides.

Hope someone will find the time to look into this stuff, as it breaks our project here.

Thanks in advance

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