[Samba] replace samba with windows7

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Sat Sep 20 12:28:01 MDT 2014

Setting up a shared Samba folder is cake. Really, there are three lines 
per share. Then YOU (not your users) go in and set permissions from a 
Windows box as the admin. Users should not be able to change permissions 
or you will have chaos, whether it is a Windows or Linux hosted share.

   path = /some/directory/to/share
   comment = "My shared files"
   read only  = no

That is it! Once done, get on a Windows box, get to the share as domain 
admin (I personally mount the share as a mapped drive for ease of use), 
and set permissions. I normally give domain admins and system full 
control. Then if the share is only shared to a specific AD group, I give 
that group full control. Nothing else. If shared to the entire domain, I 
would share it with domain users as full control. Simple!

On 9/20/2014 1:35 PM, Peter Serbe wrote:
> steve schrieb am 20.09.2014 19:23:
>> Maybe we're asking the wrong question. The users at this office can only
>> use windows. There seems to be no way a w7 user can click his way to do
>> the equivalent of:
>> [share]
>> read only = No
>> other stuff = Yes
> This is exactly the reason, why I told You to get a NAS distribution. *)
> There are many of them - OpenNAS, FreeNAS, OpenMediaVault - and most likely
> many more. Get a DVD image and install it. This should be fairly easy.
> All the configuration then will be done in the web browser on one of the
> Windows boxes.
> Win7 is limited to 20 connections. Every open word document or every
> open explorer window consumes one connection. It might be OK to use
> a Windows client as file server for a net with only 3..5 clients.
> You have too many.
>> We've tried letting one of them set permissions on sub folders, but it's
>> chaos.
> chaos spreads by itself. But users can spread it faster...
> - peter
> *) network attached storage
> PS: You could also by one of these Synology boxes. They do exactly the
> same as the distros mentioned above.

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