[Samba] Issue with Samba 3.6.3 and DFS Windows 2008 R2 share

Marco di antonio bulletxt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 16:54:51 MDT 2014

Hi there, it's quite a week that I'm trying hard on this . To make it
- ubuntu 12.04
- samba 3.6.3

I'm trying to mount with CIFS the following corporate share:

mount -t cifs //cop.gen.net/fsgruppo/DISCO_GEN/Flussi/AG1  /mnt/ -o

Mounting this returns a

"mount error(115): Operation now in progress"

I can mount directly the share which is " //cop.gen.net/fsgruppo" but then
I can't do anything, for example I can't even do  a simple "ls DISCO_GEN"
 as that will only return some message like "the folder is remote" .

Does anyone have some clue?


Marco Di Antonio

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