[Samba] Bug on Samba Trash

3S Elias eliasmejm at icea.gov.br
Tue Sep 2 10:37:35 MDT 2014

I am creating some shares in samba 4.1, each of my shares is on different disks, ie, one in sda, sdb in another, another in sdc ..... however I am enfretando a problem creating a dumping ground for all these shares which is also located in a specific disk for her, to specify the vfs.recycle within the [global] section and create the directory to the trash, the deleted files do not go to trash the only thing that works is that the keeptree holds tree where the file was escluido but the file does not appear there. But when I put the trash inside of each share, ie within the same disk sharing it works perfectly. Recalling that since I configured all the necessary permissions to the global trash worked but she still does not save deleted files. In some research by various internet users cited this as a flaw or bug Samba4, you would like to know if there is any solution or parameter required to work, or if it really is a failure of Samba4.

Operating System: Debian 7 (wheezy) on VMware.

>From already thank you very much.

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