[Samba] Does Samba 4 create PTR RRs automatically?

Roberto Suárez Soto robe at allenta.com
Tue Sep 16 05:11:07 MDT 2014


     I've noticed that computers that join a Samba 4 AD domain are 
automatically added to the DNS zone. I.e., if my domain is 
"customer.com", the computer "DESKTOP01" would appear as 
"DESKTOP01.pontegadea.com". What I didn't expect was that PTR records 
were automatically created, too: if "DESKTOP01" has the IP, 
and I do a "host", the name "DESKTOP01.pontegadea.com" is 

     This is fine and dandy, but poses a problem: if I create the 
reverse zone 10.10.in-addr.arpa, the PTR entries disappear. But if I 
want to create PTR entries for computers with static IPs, I need to 
create this zone.

     So, what's the recommended way of having both the automatically 
added PTRs for computers joining the domain and other PTRs added by hand?

     Thanks in advance,

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