[Samba] Multiple Domains/Winbinds, ntlm_auth/wbinfo issue

Christopher Chance cchance at newtechgrp.com
Mon Sep 15 15:05:50 MDT 2014

Ok I'm at a loss, I have 2 instances on winbindd / smbdd / nmbdd running (basically copied to install from samba-multiple-domains.blogspot .com but with my domains and ip's)

But the issue I have is that even though both domains joined, and I can see all the winbinds and smbs running, and no errors in the logs, it appears that wbinfo / ntlm_auth only work with one of the units, no matter which -configfile I specify when running ntlm_Auth (wbinfo I can't even figure out how to tell it to try the other winbind).

I tried setting socket dir in each of the config files, but then ntlm_auth and wbinfo don't work at all.

How can I specify which socket for ntlm_auth/wbinfo to use?

Please help as I've been racking my head over this all day and reading all over the lists but so far no one seems to have explained it.


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